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Myti has built something exciting that makes it easy to shop and support your local economy.

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Buy all your daily needs online from local stores, and have your products arrive at your front door.

Did you know that 33% of small businesses went out of business during Covid while Amazon tripled its profits during the same period? Every small business that closes is a loss to the community… the products available locally, the people they employ, and their personal interactions and contributions to the culture.

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Buy local with ease and speed. Products delivered to your door.

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Keep money here while supporting local shops, the lifeblood of your community. Increase personal interactions so valuable to Vermonters.

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Why ship across the country when you can search by proximity? See products sitting on local shelves and have them delivered with reduced emissions and energy use.

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Studies show that over 30% of Americans feel guilty about shopping on Amazon. End Amazon guilt with an excellent local online shopping experience.

Consider the impact traditional online shopping has on our planet and our lives. You can change that by shopping with Myti.

Myti partners with small businesses that treat their employees well. Our model uses technology to reconnect consumers to their local business owners.
Myti provides the same shopping convenience as eCommerce giants, while generating 320 times less carbon emissions by using a local delivery network and an electric vehicle fleet.

Myti keeps 73% of each dollar in the local economy. This money compounds as it circulates through wages and taxes, increasing economic impact.

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